Before You Subscribe

How much does it cost?

$9.99 per month.

Can I get a discount?

We frequently run promotions. During our initial launch we are offering $5 off, forever as long as you stay subscribed. Just use the coupon code: firstk

Is there a free trial?

We have a free 3 day trial. If you cancel before the 3 days are up, then your card will never be charged.

Is there a penalty for cancelling?

Nope, there are no contracts. Feel free to cancel at any time.

What happens to my files if I cancel my subscription?

We'll hold on to your files for 90 days after your cancellation. Download anything you need before you cancel, or resubscribe before the 90 days is up.

Getting Started

Is there some help to get me started?

Yes, check out our getting started videos.

If I need support, who can I ask?

Send an email to info@thegamecrafter.com.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us