[CS1] Fonts

Fonts are typefaces you can use in your designs. Our site has a library of thousands of fonts, but you can also upload your own. Every font in the library has a preview showing you what the type looks like rendered by our system. You can also search the library by keyword, weight, category, and style. 

If you have not selected a specific font for your project then the default font used is named "Arimo".


Weight is the thickness of a font.





Style is whether the font is slanted or italicized. 




Category can help you find the look of the font you're shooting for.


These fonts are often a bit on the whacky side, but can work to great effect if used sparingly.


These fonts use the same amount of space for every letter regardless of the letter's actual width.


These fonts often look like they were hand drawn.

San Serif

No tails on these letters.


These letters have tails.

Upload Your Own

If you have a particular font that you want to use, feel free to upload it to our library as long as it is a True Type font with a .ttf extension or an Open Type font with an .otf extension. That font will only be usable to you and you can delete it at any time.

When you upload it we recommend filling out the details about the font to make it easier for you to find it in the future. 

Please don't upload any fonts that you do not have the rights to use.

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