[CS1] Building On Last Position

You can position a step based upon the position of your last step using {$_.prevx} and {$_.prevy}. This way you don't need to know the exactly the size of your text (or other) elements. The following is an example of this technique:

Start by adding a text step to your design. Style it however you want, and use whatever text you want. Here's what we used:

And here's what our design looks like so far:

Now your next element can be automatically positioned based upon the size of your text area. To do this, just put {$_.prevy + 50} into the Position Y field. We added the + 50 here, because we wanted 50 pixels worth of space between the text and the box. Here's an example using a box:

And here's what it looks like:

Now if we add in a bunch more text, you can see that the box automatically gets moved down the component, without having to update anything about the box ever again:

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