[CS1] Component Data Set Manager

Component Data Sets are like spreadsheets where each row is a card or tile. You can use this manager for creating new data sets. If you click on the edit button, you'll be taken into the component data set editor, where you can edit the data, or import a CSV file.

Note: If you want to add multiple lines to one of your fields, then type \n where you want the new line. For example:

This is one line.\nThis is a new line.\n\nThis line has a space before it.

CSV Import

If you're going to import via CSV there are a few things you need to know:

The quantity field is required and must be labeled "quantity". It's value must be an integer greater than 0. It must be the first column in your CSV.

The name field is required and must be labeled "name". You can only have names up to 60 characters long. It must be the second column in your CSV.

All other columns names must be comprised of alphabetic and numeric characters or the underscore (_) character. No spaces or special characters allowed. However, the values can contain anything you can type including UTF8 characters.

Data Set Variables

You can specify data set variables if you have information that you want to use in multiple fields within a data set, and want to be able to change it in a single place. 

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