[CS1] Color Blindness Filters

According to the site www.colourblindawareness.org, 1 in 8 men and 1 in 200 women worldwide experience some form of color blindness.  Clearly, if you want your game to have the widest appeal that it can, considering color blindness would be a good idea.  At the same time, without being able to personally experience the different forms of colorblindness it is hard to design art and assess their effects.

Common Name Medical Name Description
Red/Green (1) Deuteranomaly Weak perception of green
Red/Green (2) Protanomaly Weak perception of red
Red/Green (3) Protanopia Unable to see red
Red/Green (4) Deuteranopia Unable to see green
Blue/Yellow (1) Tritanopia Weak perception of blue
Blue/Yellow (2) Tritanomaly No perception of blue
Fully Color Blind Achromatopia People only see in blacks, whites and grays
Decreased Color Sensitivity Achromatomaly People can see color, but only very dimly

You can read more about color blindness and its causes on Wikipedia.  The article also has several excellent graphics that demonstrate the different forms of color blindness.

To help you with checking your art for accessibility to people with color blindness, Component Studio has a set of filters which you can turn on and off.  Like the Overlay, the filters do not change how your art will be rendered when exporting.  They only change the display of the art in the Design Editor.  Click on the color filter dropdown while editing your Design to look at the current design any of the 8 filter options:

Due to limitations of Microsoft's Edge browser, this feature does not work in it, and the color filter dropdown will not be displayed at all.

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