[CS2] Notes Layer

Add a notes layer to your design.

Notes layers are useful for making notes about the design to help you remember details about the design and for setting variables and performing other template calculations for use in other layers. 


The Notes layer has one property: Note. The Note property takes a text value. 

Plain Text

To add a plain text note to help document your design, simple type the text in the Note property.

Template Operations

To add a template operation, such as setting a variable or performing a template calculation, enclose the  operation in {{ ... }}. Any text not enclosed in {{ ... }} is considered to be a plain text note. You can learn more about the templating language here.


Consider a Note property with the following value:

Assign the values 100 and 200 to the variables boxwidth and boxheight, respectively.
{{ set('boxwidth',100) }}
{{ set('boxheight',100) }}

The first line is simply a note describing what is going on while the second and third lines are the actual template operations.

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