[CS2] Import Google Sheets

You can easily import your data from Google Sheets through the dataset editor as long as your Google Sheet meets the following requirements:

  • It must have a column named exactly "quantity"
  • It must have a column named exactly "name"
  • All columns that aren't specifically numbers should be made type "Plain Text", but this is the most important on the name column
  • It must be public
  • The first row must be marked as a "Header row"
  • Once you've done those things, you can select the CSV button at the top center of the dataset editor and select "Import from Google Sheets"

And then paste the URL of your Google Sheet into the provided field. If you've pasted a valid URL then you'll see the green "Pull fresh data" button.

You can import data from any Sheet in your file by selecting the sheet and copying the new URL generated which contains the GID of the current sheet. 

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