[CS2] User Entered Value

The User Entered Value field is an entry point into the templating language for Component.Studio 2.

You can enter basically anything into the field, but depending on what type of field it is, the system can interpret it in different ways.

Field Types


Anything goes here. 


This must be a six digit hex value (with or without the #), or a named color. So some examples of good values are 'blue','#0000ff', and '0000ff'.


This must be a number like 1 or 5 or 1000. If it is blank it will be treated as a 0. Often these will have to fall into a range of some sort specific to the field, maybe between 0 and 100.

True False

If this is empty, 0, or false then it will evaluate to false. If it is anything else it will evaluate to true. 

Image URL

This must ultimately resolve to an image URL that Component.Studio has access to. Usually that means that the image must be uploaded via the image manager.


Some fields have enumerated values. This is to say they have a list of things that must be there and anything else is invalid. For example the Blend Mode field under Effects > Blending must be of one of the following strings: 'normal', 'multiply', 'add', or 'screen'. There is a selector above the User Entered Value field that will help you select one of those. But if you are to use the templating language to set it, then it still must ultimately be one of those four.


Anything that doesn't fit the field types as described above will result in an error. You'll know there's an error as the system will display a red box telling you what is wrong.

Likewise if you leave the error the entire system will light up with red showing that there is an error, and you can revisit the user entered value to see what the error might be.

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