[CS2] Find and Replace

The Find and Replace feature in the Dataset manager allows you to quickly search the Dataset for any entered values and replace any or all of the results.

To begin, click the Replace button in the Dataset toolbar

With the Find and Replace dialog open, enter the text you wish to search for in the Find field and, if desired, the replacement text in the Replace With field.

Choose the settings you wish to use when searching.

Option Rule Example
Anywhere Match text anywhere in the document including parts of words. Your opponent may not play a card for the chosen Company on their next turn if able.
Whole Word Only Match text only if it is a stand-alone word or section of text. Your opponent may not play a card for the chosen Company on their next turn if able.
Any Case Match with any text ignoring upper and lower case characters. The card you play does not modify the result.
Match Case Only match text with the same upper/lower case characters as entered. The card you play does not modify the result.


Click on the Find button to highlight any cell in the Dataset that contains the text entered in the find field. The Cells Found number indicates how many table cells contain at least one instance of the entered text.

Find & Replace

Click on Find and Replace to initiate an interactive session where each instance of the entered text can be replaced or skipped on an individual basis. This method will allow you to see the text as it is and as it will be with contextual highlights for each edit.

  • Press the Skip button to keep the original text (highlighted in blue)
  • Press the Replace button to replace the text (replacement highlighted in green)
  • Press the Cancel to return to the Find and Replace dialog without making additional changes

Replace All

Press the Replace All button to replace all instances of the text entered in the find field with the text entered in the replace field. If no text is entered, in the replace field, all matching instances of the text in the find field will be deleted in the dataset. There will be no confirmation step after clicking the Replace All button.

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