[CS2] Game Tabs

When you edit a game there are a variety of tabs available to you, some edit various properties of a game, while others let you drill deeper into the game's components.


Designs are the visual representation of a set of components, such as cards, tiles, chits, board, mats, etc. Think of this like an image editor.


Datasets are the data representation of a set of components. Each row in a dataset represents all the data for a single card or tile. Think of these like spreadsheets.

Font Palette

Component.Studio 2 comes with thousands of fonts, and you can upload your own. In order to make that more manageable, the Font Palette allows you to select just a handful of fonts that might be useful to your specific game. By default you'll get these 3, but you can add more by hitting the green add more fonts button.


This is just a place for you to jot down any notes you have about this game.


Here you can rename a game, or mark it archived if you're no longer actively working on it. Don't worry, after it's archived you can still access it by filtering to display archived games in the game manager.


Archives are files generated by Component.Studio 2 on your behalf. Raw images will be stored there, print and play files, tabletop simulator caches, and more. By default archives will be deleted after 2 weeks, but you can set them to last longer.


An export is the process of creating an archive. You can track its progress on this tab.


If you want someone else to be able to work on your game with you, you can add them as a collaborator. They have to have an account on the site, and then you can search by name, username, or email address.

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